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Lindsey is certified to do extensions. Christopher’s uses SoCap New England and Hair Treats extensions, which can be added for length, volume, color enhancement or to update your style.


The SoCap system fits with your natural hair strands without showing the visible signs that are so common with other extension systems. SoCap extensions are 100 percent human hair and are available in 81 colors and three textures: straight, wavy and curly. The extensions use an ionic Keratin bond to mold to the hair you have. Clients will have to come in periodically for “fills.” These extensions normally last a few months, with proper care, and must be taken out by the stylist.

Hair Treats

Hair treats are 100 percent Indian temple collected hair and come in a variety of styles and shapes, including Micro Sphere, Nano Sphere, Beaded, Sticky, Clip-in, Hot Press, Weft and Pinch, and, with proper care, last three to six months. The Micro and Nano Spheres are 18 inches and come straight or “curliscious” in 40 colors. They are reusable and easily slide back up to the roots after regrowth. “The Stick” system uses beads to attach the hair, which is 22 inches long and available in 25 colors. The extensions are reusable up to three times, and the beads match the hair color. “Sticky” extensions safely adhere to the hair with a special tape, are 18 inches long and come in 19 colors. Clip-in extensions are 18 inches long and come in 15 colors. They can be taken in and out and reused. The Hot Press system uses a heated tool to melt and mold the bond around your own hair. They are 18 inches and come in 12 colors. “The Pinch,” consists of individual strands that are held by medical grade double-sided adhesive. These come in six colors and are 18 inches in length. The Weft is like a curtain of hair and can be used in multiple ways. They are available in 12 colors.